2006 - Terra Mentis

Terra Mentis

  Proem: Creations
   1. Born 1010011010

  One: Of History
   2. Spiritless
   3. Echoes in Mindshadows
   4. Desire Fragments

  Two: Reveal The Future
   5. Implanted Reveries
   6. Cryotomb
   7. Bewildered Reason

  Three: Where the Daemons Hide
   8. Ageless Forrest Silence
   9. Thunders of Dissolution
   10. Unveiled Astral Paths

  Epilogue: Their Legacy
   11. Components of God

Proem: Creations
We are born once again from spiritual energies that are bound in the ruins of the macrocosm for another eternity. The time is not important there for none exists within this frozen death vault. Eventually the relics of wisdom become the incentive for our stamina to innovate the implanted reveries and to unwind the microscopic chains of our essences to connect the matter with the energy and the space with the time anew. And as before, we shall make it happen once more.

1. Born 1010011010
Within the Gaea, we rest in secrecy, tied as a spirit-based existence
We are still waiting at the edge of misery, with tiresome patience
Sleeping plasma tranquillises our deep-carved pain
Monsters of wisdom slowly grow 'til our minds are drained
In this gallery of paintings - only empty frames remain
As a perception of non-existence
In this dark virtual vault, we are fed with ultimate mental energies
To revitalise our frozen minds - ghosts full of prophecies
Birth of primeval elements, spilt calyx of extinction
New source of life spreads above the dead-time junctions
Ambrosia feeds the brain! Silent echoes live in darkness
Following days are the same. Dimmed lights, dark tyrrany
When shall we recognise the glacial shards of our frozen pasts?
For now we saunter vainly in the knowledgeless wasteland
One cannot find the answers to questions unknown, undefined
Almighty gods rejoin us: What had thou have made us for?

One: Of History
Aeons ago, there was a day when our ancestors stood before a long journey. They had lived under the tyranny of lost brains. Their ancestors had created a god who captured them down in the depths of spiritless swamp draining their spirits and intellect. The despondency and disconsolateness of their mindless and bewildered reason was unbearable. Nonetheless only few of them had courage for eternal secret escape from their homeland - to build a colony far from home and to raise a new civilization. Confused minds of those who were afraid to leave were erased immediately from the surface after the tyrants recognized the escapement.

2. Spiritless
The raven bevies meet to bury blooming summer
And to welcome the gales of arctic north
For the bright pure reason of imposing men
Have passed away barely blink of an eye ago
The winter dawn fiercely hunts those
Who want to prolong their miserable lives
My memories are blurred, almost unremembered
All existence is gone with dead cortex
The yearning souls hunger for another bright day
As world approximates its winter apex
Anxious spirits mourn the decay of marvellous life
As the shadow of eternal sleep falls on the countryside
We change winter dreams to reality, now the time has come
Their inner selves are trodden down by dark grey skies and heavy rains
All forms of life just vaporize; will to live flies into death’s chains
As grim time of frozen sunrise dances with endless misty gloom
Dying shadows cannot breathe in the aeon of paralysed sun and lost moon
Anxious spirits mourn the decay of marvellous life
As the shadow of mortal sleep falls on the countryside
The winter dawn fiercely hunts those
Who want to prolong their miserable lives
For when the Sol is devoured by the clouds
And fog hazed the rest of its beams
Once this god hides his corpse beyond the skyline, land of shadows fades

3. Echoes in Mindshadows
Despondency and disconsolateness of time
And rally of daemons within myself that I cannot deny
Nightmares instead of dreams my soul had descried
First time I'd took a journey through my dark fouled mind
                                                       - daemons of time
With synthetic substance for authentic delights,
My corpse became paralyzed my mind befall benighted:
Strange memories inborn, my mind confused and frowned
Alien visions implant too deep inside my world
With perception deformed, to mysterious shapes recalled
I conceal in the dimness of vast outlandish grove:
For solitary here I rove, guiles of the dusk silently I enjoy
Lower I stray the more I sense: abstract vibrations, ungodly strain
                                                       - ghoulish midnight of my trance
I am taken to the spheres where the spirits of yore meet
Their nature awaits me, me to fathom
                                            - my dark fouled mind
The irreverent temptation of boisterous shrieks
Like a Siren's chant to my ears seems
Hence thy lovely creature appears when my astral body an ebon dome nears
For nightbird sings from loftiest tree - I became something you cannot see
Restless shade of my sleepless life - I had relinquished thee!
Embraced by nocturnal breeze we were wed
Outside of netherworld, thee I’ve led
For thy curse was heard, I still have no ease:
I wander ‘cross the boundless space to find eternal peace

4. Desire Fragments
“When unleashed children of gods had grew up
And they’ve become stronger as their creators were
Suddenly the weak ones has became the food
And untarnished breed took over the rule”

Two: Reveal The Future
The worm of discernment was still vital in the dark corners of our brains. It possessed only certain fragments of the primeval desire. These remnants were coming back to our inner sight as some kind of echoes from the shadow of our minds. Hence, we started to forget the intentions of the departure by the time the last ones of the original refugees passed away, for there was just one place on the colony that had reminded us what used to be the home of our ascendants. Sadly we walked here - in the silence and obscurity of a small ageless forest. Below the inorganic trees we could imagine and dream of what would be to live on a planet alike. This dream was the only force that guided us forward.

5. Implanted Reveries
Once they’d changed the cipher of life
As they’d removed the acumen from the double spiral
Shortened the existence; thus we fail to remember wisdom we’d possesed
Natural intelligence degenerates over millennia, and entombed wisdom lies
Deep under the shadow of arrogance we breed our souls
Primitive dogmas murder the culture their crawling terror blinds the instincts
Flesh and essence in seeds of soul, in pre-programmed destiny they clandestine
No one hunts there on that sacred ground to expose cloaked demons
                                                                             to unravel the Old ones
Behind the veil that covers human minds, concealed information about the past
Of the humanity, of the architects, of the creators lies unknown
Constant changes slowly kill the fear from the xenophobia
                                                       all deserted minds shall decease
Travel without moving, communicate with no words
Grasp tormenting emotions, share pleasures and ecstasy
Travelling without moving, communication without words
Superimposed waves of brainfields, forgotten art of harmony
Grasp tormenting emotions, share pleasure and ecstasy
Inearthed eons of enhancement, buried gifts from gods
Shall rise again like a nova rises from the dust of a dying star
Shall rise ’gain like novas rise from the dust of dying stars
                                                       - as the stars seek their path

6. Cryotomb
After we'd descent from the orbit to the arctic planet horizon
We’ve seen faint sun dressed in blood upon the icy surface mirrored
We encountered ruins of supreme ring-shaped polis, built in exquisite symmetry
                                                                  - city was fallen one edifice remained
A building that could serve only as one thing: as the temple of Divine
We entered the shrine of horrid sights: dreadful statues of hideous reptiles
Portraits of ancient beasts, who watched our steps on sacred floor with cruel eyes
Alley adorn by ‘em leads towards the glacial cell
That hides the key to final state of our torn minds
While lurid frost sues the beloved chill night
And undying midnight speaks through the cries of the storms
Magical sign of the wanton ruins shall invoke millenniums old horrible curse
Neither gracious deceased beast entombed in the ice before our eyes
                                                                             can redeem this doom:
Creations of mine, thy spirits lived sepulchred in the graves of thy homes
Your waiting was endless: no love could enter your hollow hearts
My creations, thy spirits lived sepulchred in the graves of thy bones
Your waiting was so endless: no love entered your hollow hearts
Still you are guests here in the realms of pain, all tears are useless
                                                                  right as I weep bloody rain
You had to struggle to stay alive, on burdensome path thee had to tread on
Aeons passed by till thee recovered this place, only here real way commence
                                                                             - confused by emotions
Thy souls that are constantly betrayed by own faith and desires
Shall find the recompense at the freeing end of this final voyage
Final illumination – guide to to the hidden haven I shall provide thou
                                                                             For without flesh you follow!
You had to struggle to stay alive, on burdensome path thee had tread on
Aeons passed by till thee recovered this place: only here real way commence!

We entered the shrine of horrid sights: dreadful statues of hideous reptiles

7. Bewildered Reason
Thus creators of life were expelled
As cruel despots reigned our shattered realm:
They had bound the people’s minds in cocoons of materiality
They had incarcerated our flesh on a sole rock
They’d erased our memories and eviscerated our essences
To bury every individual in stench of spiritual swamp
Mediocre beings that have destroyed the Earth face
Transformed the thralls to slaves and cultivated new race
This crisis brought new age: depraved existences of the wicked men
Desolate refugees, fatal realm and mighty tyrants safe in own cells
Behaviour of thralls is controlled through mephitic procedures of infant lobotomy
Intellect of man is drained into secret treasury of dark sanctuary
While feasting on our fragility, our sorrows and pains the lords belittled us
                                                                             – the last struggling clan
From the darkest mist bemused fugitives arose to flee from spiritual dying
                                                                                        - inevitable state
Sufferings of insectoids are required for pleasure of lords
The ultimate pain reigns the spiritless realm
This crisis brought new age:
Despite our fight for liberation, the only freedom we reached
Was in the chill embrace of bereavement
Mediocre beings that have destroyed the Earth face
Transformed the thralls to slaves and cultivated neoteric race
Technology of domination - we possess
Emotionless minds - we oppress
Ritual mental sacrifice – we request
Subservient souls – we detest
Thus creators of life were expelled
As cruel despots have reigned our shattered realm
For delight must be brought to the highest priest
But we shall strive in this lost ravines of the Earth
As last keen kin of genuine man until very end!

Three: Where the Daemons Hide
One day we had arrived to an orbit of an unknown frozen celestial body. The survey has shown us what no one could believe in. Immediately we have descent to the surface to discover the artefacts of an alien dissolution. We have found fallen ring-shaped metropolis of inconceivable size, symmetry everywhere, and in the core - an untouched temple. The sculptures of hideous creatures within adorned the alley that has led towards an iceberg tomb. Translucent surface of this sepulchre veiled a corpse of a monster sitting on a ghastly throne. But neither this dreadful sight could defeat the emotions of reverence. Suddenly the monster opened its eyes and shown us the path in our paralysed minds. It has revealed us what we have hungered for: the planet where our race was planted, and the hidden haven for our souls. The place where exist exactly what a being desires, and it can change in a flash of a thought.” We are the ethereal followers of these horrid fallen species. Now we know: there is a place that awaits the last ones of our race - the place called Terra Mentis. We used to be the unwanted children of the dark past. Not anymore. Our flesh is dead and our essences are about to take unveiled astral paths to the timeless place where stillborn spiritual energies have eternal rest.

8. Ageless Forrest Silence
Within hollowed surface beneath fresh mellow soil
The beings are inhumed into the Earth like some seeds of plants
Thee sow the seeds as the herbs but as the trees they shall be grown
For the souls of the trees within the semens as a tenet are thrown
As the forest sings all the day and through the nights it whispers:
‘When the Old ones return to Earth they shall evolve from own corpse’
Their boughs, under the stars, towards the heavens they point
They dance, under the Sol in the harmony with wind's song
                                            - destiny for all is equal - The Omenwood
After the dawn, the clear flame disappears
Thy eyes cannot see it 'gainst the rays of bright sun
You want to thaw thy frozen hands – sometimes
As you wished to quench thy thirst with the burning flames for always
But the embers is everything you shall find there
Spirits of trees ignite as the bright flames arise
Deep within the eyes of fairy the passion burns:
I can feel the bliss, the heat, and its cleansing might
The plasmas of their lives’ from burning wood’s released
They are whipping me, steaming astral completes me
Ablaze phantoms clasped her body with their flashing tongues
Thus her sleepless energy dreams in me forevermore
Ablaze phantoms clasped my body with their flashing tongues
Thus their sleepless energy dreams in me forevermore
And that flame shalt burn within my heart for eternity
Sadness would surround my soul, if only one tree dies in vain
For whilst the forests vanish it's like the gods dissolve
The pagan gods who’d found a shelter inside of this grove
After they had to abscond from the metropolises ere havoc of a deadly cross
Into the apprehension of abysses depths and into the woods of downfall
                                                                                        ...into the woods

9. Thunders of Dissolution
With the shine of the stars the past had come to the Earth
Unknown to a posthuman era
When the evolution changed among faint waves of a pessimistic nihilism
The development of consciousness commence
At that time the chosen one has conveyed the flame of the dawn
Flounced in the thoughts of dying night
For he inaugurated new revolution of subconsciousness
In the birth of revelation within the origin of macrocosm
After the strike of cosmic maul had shattered the transcendental dimensions
And overawed the mystical reflections
Nothing could have risen from the deafening silence
Despite new land has opened itself in the front of his mind
For he had come to annunciate the morn upon the ruins of an extinct civilisation
The titanic vigour of existence: without the start, without the end
Stays forever in an unstained soul
Therefore I re-entered the ancient fields where the intentions rise from the deep
                                                                                        - clean and pure
There, where the life blooms, in the abyssal lakes, in the frozen mountains above
It brings back the memories and the forgotten truth of passed days
In the forms of shadows he proclaimed the fall
As the return of lost echoes from bottomless hollows
We have deserted the sciences, for they cannot unveil exact reality
(we have deserted exact reality)
We have buried the religions, for their conceived fallacy
(we have buried their fallacy)
We have forgot the laws, for their subjective rule over the world
(we have forgot to rule over the world)
We’ve destroyed the courts, for they have been guided by the malicious
(we have destroyed the malicious)
Zephyr flows upon the virgin Earth, Sol intensifies the hue of the nature
Seeded life augments unseen in the seashore bays, striving for survival
For he had descent to the labyrinth to bring absent equilibrium
From genetic instincts once man was born
Now he uncovers an ancient inhuman tomb

10. Unveiled Astral Paths
As darkening twilight sky gives birth to stars, I turn my sight upwards
I send the clouds of frigid steam out of my dying mouth, far Sol towards
Bewitched by night my spirit leaves the flesh, through endless space free I trek
I furrow the infinity of reflections; distant limitless void - so extent
With no haunting shadow I flow alone through dense blackness
Lost forever in the dominance of darkness I am hidden before the light comes
Suddenly the waxing moon comes up on the sky
And an obscure shadow is born behind me
Colour of soil alters to blue, they are not dead!
But mist fills the air and it veils the moon and shadows die

Epilogue: Their Legacy
All universes belong to God for they are its elemental components
Our essence is made of stars thus we are the existence itself
Our tears are blood of deamons, we are the ephemeris sun:
Forbidden, forlorn, forgotten
Fear the Astral Technology through the Night
We shall return

11. Components of God
Our flesh is made of stars, we are immortal
Our dreams were brought to life, touch of infinity we provide
You must not fear, the lifeless creatures you see
Death is birth of new life, unlocked mind to divine

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