2001 - Ephemeris Sun

Ephemeis Sun

  1. Extinction Of The Species
  2. The Chosen One
  3. The Experiment Theory
  4. Death Vault
  5. Eclipse Of A Distant Star
  6. Time Constancy
  7. Universe Of Pain
  8. Death Scholar
  9. Variations Of Agony
10. Innovation Of The Ruins

1.Extinction Of The Species

Blown by the wind of the Universe
An ancient nightmare had risen from the mist of time
Curse of emotionality has been cast upon thee
Thine essences sank in immaterial unreality
The concepts of ultimate truth are just another lies
To keep the balance between the forces of good and evil
The Immortals guard the mystery of the flux
'gainst the generations that shall come - deaf and blind
Through the implication of interactive imagination
The inferiors will never be able to feel the truth?
Silence of thy own brains, mouths unable to scream
Nothing moves in magic creation of every dawn?
Explosion of a black hole in the centre of your galaxy
Burns planetary systems by its deadly mass
Thus all civilization shall be destroyed
By the infinite wisdom of ye Nature

2. The Chosen One

I came to pay with my soul, for thee refused to obey
For thine omnipresent iniquity. Nevertheless I shall try to save thee
If you feel what I feel it won't be you anymore
With your phobia to know the consciousness
The purpose of the world is lore demystified by no one
Neither a few like me do comprehend
Evolution of the species is a game with given results
I hunger to experience the one of yours
I am the one who is elder than thine universe
Who saw the scene of its death - same one as of the others
I am not alive, because what lives - dies
I am here forever, of your time. I know the portrait of the world
Universes in the sphere of space-time continuum
Alterations of everything imaginable in our hostile multidimensional residence
We lost our very faith for you have betrayed your children
You left our souls abandoned, left all alone
We have strived; we really tried for better lives
Despite all you haven't arrived through the gate in time?
Our soldiers are prepared, deadly weapons are primed
Foes are awaiting us; they are about to die
Vanish in killing air, while our army attacks
Victory is sweet with scent of blood and tears
"There are no true gods for you to pray to, none shall listen to you
You are on your own to realize the truth"
"I have fought for thee, for thy liberty to see.
Ye reward is lost, even out of my reach"
Fallen, ostracized messiah, I shall be gone now
My exodus to another realm soon shall be done

3. The Experiment Theory

The essences are on the rise; they devour the void of nothingness
I had set this experiment to enjoy absolute experience
Every alternative shall take place in my ultimate construction
To please me - the creator of universe, the architect of perception
Molestation – the pain illusion, confusion – unfocused vision
Odium – swallowed feelings, depression - self pity mourning
I am the reason, I am the source; I gave birth both thy creators thus thee
I am the beholder hidden in every entity. I enjoy what I have made – pleasures and aches
The world is me, I am eternity; everything that was, is and shall ever be
I am the destroyer of evenness; the uncertainty bringer, the keeper of existence
Love – the pleasure illusion, certainty – brains adjusted
Satisfaction – lethargy foundation, ecstasy – a way to die
The creator of universe, the architect of consciousness
The slayer of unreality, I am the spring
I am the One; and you, you shall depart this life? to know me? maybe?

5. Eclipse Of A Distant Star

The light of the only star is gone and the aim of his way has disappeared
He became lost pointless being, existence without sense
So far from home, suddenly alone. Is there a reason to survive?
That being sees nothing but darkest blackness
Heading to nowhere - lost in the immense space
In the place where just one star was known
Supernova burnt the planet where he'd grown
The energy is gone after countless years
He revived from cryoslep, his time has come
Forsaken, forgotten by the dead
Shall he join his brothers? Can be one of them?
The thought of fear visits his mind: Is he immortal? Is he able to die?
He tries to break the dread, tries to open eyes
To see what he knows - everything is done
The last of the clan, his lord shan't let him go
Extinct but alive, he shall be imprisoned forever
Forever burried in a dead star ship, in the one-star, one extinct race universe

6. Time Constancy

Alone, I use the vacuity as my habitat
Here, I can't receive illusions of changes through my frozen mind
Constancy in the focus of never
Magic spheres-the germs of the worlds are buried somewhere
With my first move I could corrupt the never and let them explode
To create space and time through the transformation of never into elements eternal
The garden of vigour hidden to anyone's visions
The place where the stem of all realities shall arise
The spring of space-time's infinite possibilities
Silent sleeping beauty of the time constancy
Magnification of the germs is conquering the void of the space
The universes in which the evil and good are being built
Chaos and order; gods, daemons and inferior beings
But only the chosen ones will find the keys from the gates
To the different states of existences and different realities
in the supercosmos...
When 'to destroy is to create' opens the garden again
All realities will meet together to combine
The stream of time shall flow in its own spring
When 'to destroy is to create' opens the garden again
All realities will meet together to combine
Cycle completes in the elegance of the time constancy

7. Universe Of Pain

Born into a world of beauty, you were brought on the silent hunter's wings
Your soul has been incarnated without memories again
Upon a planet of desperation, where a race of hatred had grown
Killing the species of its own, upon a place where no one can leave from
How do you feel when your god leaves you alone
How do you feel when your faith betrays you
How do you feel when you know that you die from very start
Leaving nothing only dust behind
"Like a nightmare in a dream I am underneath your skin
I change wonderful world to hell you live in
Created me you became puppets in hands of a homemade god
Who moves your steps through your weary mind"
"You shall die like I never will, my grave is in oblivion
And there is no way you could reach it?
On the planet of despair your race shall fade away
Annihilate yourselves - abandon me in pain?

8. Death Scholar

Ghostly nothingness of a hollow ether
Is gathering strength for ultimate vibration field
To fulfil its function - negation of fallacy: to find the Death Restorer
Enclosing darkness, hoax of lights and shadows
Brought by materialized dust cloud of an alien kindness
Faint voice of a dream transformed into a weak and insubstantial field
Bizarre entity with a breath of solar wind
Consciousness of constructed being
His ancient mind got old in eternity, now it craves for brand new brain
"Dispose of your emotions, pulverize them into space debris
The aeons are ephemeral like the Universe?
Futures have already happened but the pasts are waiting
Aeolian civilizations shall be blown by your breath away...
...you are me...
...once again!"

9. Variations Of Agony

It's a long route towards the end, you can not turn, there's no use to die today
They throw thyself back to sub life; your blood is on thy own hands
You are captured here on Gaia, just in few dimensions
By false gods made by yourselves
They tear thy soul apart, mutate thy flesh by the dust of fallen fear
Metamorphoses thy mind and transfer it to a lethal realm
Virtual illusion of life, memories taken away
Fear comes from dreams, suffer in painful tortures
- variations of agony
Millenniums are awaiting thee, descendants of stellar travellers
Seek in thy past - for the keys to the future of humanity
Break the circle of ephemeral half-life; find stolen senses of your body
And incomplete perception of unknown around thee shall come to an end
"I wish I could only know is this life or final death
I hope I shall find at least is this the start or the end"

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