1999 - Of Bloody Tears

Of Bloody Tears

  1. Endless Circle
  2. Capture Of The Life
  3. The Legend Of An Unveiled Guilt
  4. Misdeed
  5. For The Undead
  6. Dominance Of Maleficence
  7. Faint
  8. Suicide Scum
  9. Forbidden
10. Sufferings Of Fear
11. Evil's Own
12. Lost In A Moonless Night
13. Despair In This Rain

2. Capture Of The Life

The glass of an age is filled with experiences - misfire of fate is foretelling fast death in the infancy
They two will live and shall know the mystery of the goal, they two will soon collide in the magic shrine of love
"He learnt to fight with the sword of the mad son of the power, born out of the dread"
"And daughter of the mother mist, he lost his breath; she dances on the mead like touches of death"
Once at the trip - that warrior saw her lying in the sand; he galloped to her - they two collide, and weak sun descend
Like a flash - between the red sky and dry arid Earth; she closed her eyes - and the shot of desire scratched this verse:
"I will love you as long as I am immortal!"
Darkness of the horsemen veils the blue celestial sky; moist nocturnal air has withered, nobody knows why
Horned burning figures has alight the damned ground; everyone in the village is scared by this evil sound
They saturate their seething hunger with the cold blood of his fruitful life
With pleasure of unhuman touch he's burned - cannot enfold his sweet wife
Dark moon in the eclipse of the Sun as a shadow sees the funeral of the one
Who wasted his life to save his house against the evil vestured to the robe of paradise
"Endless cries awaiting for the grace of my lord;" filled the skies underneath with the blade of the sword
"To awake my hope of reborn unbounded love;" when her eyes were maintained weeping by the devil's laugh
Mephista's scream, desperation of her dreams; she cries among the strong capture of memories
"My love is like a stream I live in the cleanest sins, I can't forget my brave hero who killed for my wings"
Someone might destroy every world than all sufferings could explode
But he decided to bigger wrong: he killed the bunch and hope's alone
Sacrifice is dead; Breed of death has bled
While the devil seeds the hate she prepares for sad and painful fate
You may meet me if you would die on the mourning day
Abandon your life. Try to touch me. Please, do it as I pray
Nothing will tear us out. Neither Satan's knife. Otherwise you will suffer in the endless of the life
But success is impossible you will be alone. You forgot that I'm immortal - that's adhesive wound
Now I will live in the cage of my life, I won't find way out. Bastion of death is forbidden, my soul will just shout...
... with eternal love

3. The Legend Of An Unveiled Guilt

Spellbound by stormy embrace, lightly fallen into arms with grace
World has darkened beyond her eyes, woods will cover her dense disgrace
Silken is her sleep upon the grave of the past on the mysterious marl where all sins are pure
In other realms she is downtrodden by faith: she - the cursed witch - is sentenced to be burned to death
The breeze of sable forest pampers her lulled by the wilderness and her lustful care
But her soul is stabbed by the inward unrest; from afar, sign of recalls smirks with the clearest
Her mind is back; she looks for the light: "Is someone here to help me in my fight?
I have to relieve my imprisoned son. His lonely tormentdesires that I will come"
Savour the fruit of the blame, enclose the bowl of brave infamy filled with balladic fame
She escaped from the homeland of deceased - child is left alone, beloved of her, abused by thou - votaries
Set me free. I cannot endure my pain
I am lover of an inhuman ache; I cannot die to break out from holy place
"Defy the vehement hands of decease, my love; lengthen the hope and let your soul rise up
Keep away from the tear of dying angels. I redeem my mistakes so we shall live side by side"
She crops the dead among the slaves of self-truth, veiled in rage she is blind against the ruth
She clenched her son on the stake, mortified; the guilt of her sign is sepulchered in his blood

4. Misdeed

The ballad of a lark: somewhere in the dark embrace of my arms dreams the queen of my heart
By love felt asleep - the kiss goes too deep, desire is burning within perfumed heat
Saturate lust - the pulse rises fast, strong passion dandles with ascending fires
Pacified surge - incoming purge, her unveiled mind clasped your assurance by wires
"Filthiness has risen above the world of they two, the forlorn crank has done what no one else would do
His mind was so distracted that he hungered to kill: her life, the necklace of my will with suffering spills"
She still breathes, dry lips want kisses when I whisper to ear "alive be still"
Artist death has carnally slept, I might touch her ardent will
Her raft slowly rises from the life to the shores of the death
Candlelight in her sight, her soul forsakes the flesh in the night
Pain that waits by cold graves face, thorny feelings orbed around thy heart
She has died in the night dressed in pain her dreams are fulfilled flesh is caressed by flame
The malice I feel against the subversive fate besmears my brain with the stubborn hate
From big grace I burned my palace; where I rove, beings uselessly die
Seeking the shelter in the mourning walls of the cathedral where no one can fall
"I am your fate, the one who judged thou; fall onto your knees, and hear my laugh
What I had for my delight won't be undone - you'll never die mourned by her gravestone"

5. For The Undead

Please, drop some roses on my grave, I would be happy if someone could care
Why don't you wish to hold my hand? I am so alone, here under the sand
In the front of my grave you are falling into grass with your endless sleep - forever next to me
You shall never forget that sight: life decaying from body, deadly light
Strange feelings, you can't say a thing, you are cursing god but he is still playing
In the front of my grave you are falling into grass with your endless sleep - forever next to me
Rain of bloody tears is falling from your eyes when you return back home and no one would recognize you
Never more...
In the front of my grave you are falling into grass with your endless sleep forever next to me

6. Dominance Of Maleficence

Evil - seeking darkness. Prey - of all invoked. Mind - corrupted by fate. Our guilt - because we stay alive.
When they wanted to bury your flesh into the grace of velvet Earth
You started to rot in the front of their eyes, they were shocked by your death
Dead mephitic mass of your decaying corpse filled her thoughts with pain
She's captivated by the sight of your soul - it's your final gain
Once, after your death she woke up by that voice in the midnight
Her fear is on the bloody path out of the room alight by candlelight
The doors begin to open, they creak with ache lengthen by her desire
Her barefoot run bounds to the graveyard where dances eternal fire
"Wires of the occultness ruled her brain, power of the weak lure is fluctuant in vein"
She is sightless; touch of her feelings forces to connect these two skins
Enter my grave and taste my embrace, follow my will when bloodless are new race
Die! And save my marbled heart. Die! Take my hand don't stay apart
Die! Forget condemned human bounds. Die! Be undead and caress my wounds
Her carnal relish opened the tomb - new life of the beast is filled in the womb
Trust of eternity shines in her eyes, like spark; great world beneath the sun shades to the dark
Servant of love, controlled by caper of devil, she lives with him in the grave - they gender evil
Well beings are downtrodden by their selfish reproduction
Maleficence dominates in the loving soul's termination

7. Faint

Naughty memories are flying around trying to awake his old feelings
Feelings without sense for vanity, remembering every second with her
He's faint without look into himself 'cause he's afraid of past
He's faint and alone keeping his sufferings within'til his breath be taken away
His pain is detestable gliding by him nothing saves 'gainst it
His pain is semifinal stage to the latitude but it stays within forever
Odd grip of madly smirking awe, mind killing darkness, never felt before
Forces him to terminate the creator's gift, who forgot to fill the measureless love
Who can help, who can stop, who can help to hold the life?
Who can hate you - my love, who can stay here by my side?
He's faint without look into himself 'cause he's afraid of past
He's faint and alone keeping his sufferings within'til his breath be taken away
His pain is detestable gliding by him nothing saves 'gainst it
His pain is semifinal stage to the latitude but it stays within forever
"He died with mercy of million souls, but fiction of decaying pain was utopic
His desperate soul is crying now without hands, without hope to kill the unreal desire"
Callous memories are still flying around, they painfully shredded the same old wounds
Wounds as the feelings without sense for vanity, mortified by every moment without her

8. Suicide Scum

I feel like a hot snow in a greenhouse melting beneath gray sky with strange white crows
Sweet blood is flowing from my forearm - I enjoy that sight while getting calm
In these last moments I'm thinking of you, I can see your face and I can hear your curse
But the times are not what they used to be, I can't cry but please forgive me
Hungry scavengers appeared in a cave where I chose to rot instead of grave
Impatient eyes are gorging my bloodless meat, I can't wait more, my mind falls in relentless sleep
"Guilty blade fell off to commemorate your dead butterflies to recall the times when I left you alone in some dark corner
with your cries and my lies, when I left your humbled body and your soul burned down..."
So my end slowly became true, now I need you but you're so far. I want you to help me die
I want you to help me die in quiet, to leave this flawless world in the shadow of the dark clear night
My candle's going out in this silent May rain, because of my shizoid paranoia - insane madness
Restless pain caused by mayhem, please don't cry; no silence for my damned mind - go to hell when I die!

9. Forbidden

I'm regretfully dived into deep void of her heart like fish without gills that has to ail with lungs
The magic of my tortures explains the endless pain, which belongs just to me - I'm forbidden
Ravening creatures ripped my hands and own sickness crushed my plans
People can't accept that I'm the one who was not born to serve the sun
Unforeseen movement of an ultimate daemon finished this unwanted check game of death
All mortal relatives was condemned to damnation desperation of their souls will satisfy my pleasure
Material world was never built for my cells surviving the self-slaughter
Therefore I remade my immortal soul, after voluntary death
When the place of all septic bodies suddenly melted to the dark hole
Dying souls of naturally dead ones filled up my glass of perfection
Ravening creatures ripped my hands and own sickness crushed my plans
People can't accept that I'm the one who was not born to serve the sun

10. Sufferings Of Fear

Suffering's in her mind: she can't realize why is not able to cry
Fear of her soul devours her brain; nothing, but the pain is focused in blue eyes
"Enemy is closing inside her head, survivals' tears are black"
There's a hell in the heaven on the Earth; she has gone, my bloody wounds will never heal
My buried angel, your wings were burned by phlogiston and scarlet past of nameless sorceress couldn't help at all
Sadness, the darkest Queen of life; rarefaction of feelings - veins torn by knife
Refused existence, laughing clown over your grave; you were seeking, but you found no one to play your game
"Sorrow of all friends will disappear in your gloomy lair
When you are buried, there will be nothing else to say
Thy life is at the end, you became extinct prey of holy crime
You are nothing. You shall change to dust as blackened heart of mine"
This relic won't leave me alone. Could I help her, or not? I don't know
Uncertainty. Why can't I forget? I am left alone with the cross on my back
Grind of teeth, grains of sand - I stayed alive to look for death
To find the peace for my restless soul, to keep in mind my life of faults

11. Evil's Own

Weak sun abominates to shine at this world, its beams are cut by the buried immortal sword
Cold midnight sky omens the scene of the night, black goddess has revived the dead hero's light
I am the one who will live again to storm the way to the other end
Her slaving toys will be dreaming in the flame of the burning land
Their upraised hand softly pray dark-effort of the pearled moon
Marl has opened with breathless cry; he will serve her soon
"All people lie that you will die, but you shall be alive and dead together
Don't feel the shame all mysteries are in vain - sickness of living is here forever"
Entering the palace of necropolis bones he stands naked before the princess profound
Knelt beside the goddess riotous, blood of his heart is blackened by oath
"Obedient be and you will have wine,vestal delight and beautiful whores
I lust for sanguinary war at all cost then I rule the world with merciful and frost"
"She wants him to sow the split among the religions - her enemies
Fearing the future upon the mindsaving faith, she enliven thee to fulfil her wrath"
Elated slave, the knight Uranian killed as a Galilean the wife barbarian's
Strong revenge is here, suffering is near, the subhate is driven by the heralds of fear
And like the grains of sand travelling in the desert storm
Blind devotees kill themselves like an unearthly worm
Their wills are cursed by the altar of the other ones
And scapegoats build the shrines beneath the canting sun

12. Lost In A Moonless Night

Daylight has felt in love with death succumbed by hand of time, undead
Coldness in air raptures the skies lordship disperses when the Sun dies
"I lay myself down, tired, so thinish when the mist around began to vanish
The glance at her, desires spread in me; my beloved heart whispers regardful be
Her icon powered by rapture of enigma branded my lascivious thirst by stigma
Princely veiled in wood textured dress - I have stoned before her, powerless"
Lovely dame vestured by the shadows night, poses postured bellow dark black light
Her sculptural loveliness ravished my mind, I forgot all I have left in the past, so afar
"From curiosity I approached near, devil's will has cursed and blinded my fear
Lurking within the statue of beauty he seduces me; motionless, palmed touch renders the never dead lust"
In darkness I caressed her seething flesh by touches with ease
I danced in amorous embrace beneath the land of burning seas
Alive entombed in orgasm, voyage on waves with immortal's art
Her sex has clasped and all worlds' satisfaction divides into two parts
Hot kisses broke out into the icy ones of damn her deadly pale eyes are waking up by dawn
"I felt in the abysmal lake of delights with thee, remove the mask and tell whose cheek now do I see ?"
"I hold the sword above the neck of your wife, I am that force which leaves your son alive
I keep all dead untouched behind the Styx, I am the messenger of blessed devil's speech
Thy carved heart shall undone my pain, you touched the immortal with your mortal hand
Love me seven times in the moonless nights then get back to your lady with that chill lie"
Guilt inside the deceit, I cannot resist no more; admission, I irritated the exquisite woodland whore
She is wounded by regret and the hate in revenge has bled out from her vein
With that crime I commit on her: from love made mistake by which I am bloodied in pain
"Disguise my guilt, burn me in despair, bring back the past and I shall be fair"

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