Essence of Existence
actual line-up
Astral - guitars, vocals, programming
Technology - guitars, programming, vocals
n-gh' - bass, vocals
Fear - keyboards, vocals

  • Sometime in 1998 (Astral - guitar, vocals; Technology - bass, vocals; Fear - keyboard, vocals; n-gh' - bass, vocals; Cry - guitar) created Essence Of Existence

  • This lineup recorded the first CD Of Bloody Tears in 1999 in A.S.I. studio (Czech rep.)

  • At the end of this year Cry left the band and therefore Technology started to take care of the second guitar

  • Another change brought a new member Void (vocals) to Essence of Existence lineup in January 2000

  • The band made many live performances of songs from the first CD together with local bands as well as with foreign bands such as Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy, Severe Torture, Logical Nonsense

  • The Spring 2001 brings band to own Essence studio to record second CD Ephemeris Sun (the vocals were recorded in A.S.I. studio again)

  • EoE started live performance of new songs in October 2001 and searched a publisher for the second CD

  • In Summer of 2002 Void (vocals) left the band

  • After several negotiations we signed to SONIC TEMPLE RECORDS, so our CD 'Ephemeris Sun' was released in January 2004

  • After several concerts in Slovakia and Czech Republic the band starts to work on the third CD Terra Mentis

  • The album is finished in January 2006.

  • Situation with Terra Mentis is an Ephemeris Sun deja vu. The CD is released by spanish MONDONGO CANIBALE RECORDS in December 2007 almost two years after being finished.

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